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Improves Crop Growth and Yields,
Controls Pests and Fungal Diseases


Akwaaba (Welcome)!

Welcome to HJA Africa’s website. We provide Organic Farming Aid (OFA), which is an organic yield enhancer increasing yields by up to 100%, offering farmers incredibly good value for money. It is also a fungicide and controls pests.

OFA is useful for cereals, vegetables, fruit and tree crops. As well as increasing yields it is effective against fungal diseases including phytophthora and anthracnose; and against pests including fall armyworm, nematodes, and leaf rollers. This slide summarises independent scientific trials confirming OFA’s effectiveness.

HJA Africa is based in Ghana (West Africa). We currently only supply OFA within Ghana, but we plan to expand to cover other countries soon.

OFA is highly cost-effective and is safe for farmers and consumers, environmentally friendly. It is registered with the Ghana Ministry of Agriculture PPRSD section, and Environmental Protection Agency.

Why Choose OFA?

Increases yields

Deals with fungal attacks

Controls pests

OFA is great for profitability! Its effectiveness and competitive price mean incredibly good returns for farmers. And it can be used alongside other products where required, fitting in easily with your overall inputs programme.

Importantly for all of us, OFA is a natural, biodegradable product that is safe for farmers, consumers and the environment.

OFA – everyone wins!

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We partner with researchers, our farmers who use OFA and our advisers to make sure OFA delivers great value.

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